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Page How to Navigate this Course
Book Course Overview
ISWO Course Overview - includes information on the scope and purpose, learning outcomes, participation guidelines and course activities (including mini-session details!)
Page Course Schedule
Book Readings & Resources
Readings & Resources
Page Collaborate - Student Instructions & Links

Collaborate - Student Instructions & Links

Mini-Session Activity Planning and Feedback Book Back Pocket Strategies for your Mini-Sessions
Back Pocket Strategies for your Mini-Sessions
Pre-Course Preparation Page Pick a Time for a Kick Off Session (2 min)
URL Complete this Learning Style Inventory, read results (print for later reference), and consider what this may mean for you and online learning (15 min)
Page Choose Your Self-Assessment Rubric (10 - 20 min)
URL Read the Course Overview (10 min)

Read the Course Overview (10 min)

Unit 1: Introductions & Online Community Building Book Unit 1 Notes
Unit 1 Notes
URL Unit 1 Readings

Unit 1 Readings

Page Insights from Experienced Faculty
URL Online Community Video

Online Community Video

Unit 2: Theory into Practice Book Unit 2 Notes
Unit 2 Notes
URL Unit 2 Readings

Unit 2 Readings

Book Insights from Experienced Faculty
Please watch these videos of instructors answering questions about unit 2 topics.
Book Case: Course Review Task Force
Case: Course Review Task Force
URL Screencast: How to Use a Wiki in Moodle

Here's a short video that we did for you to show you how to edit a wiki in Moodle.

Unit 3: Facilitating Online Teams Book Unit 3 Notes
Unit 3 Notes

URL Unit 3 Readings

Unit 3 Readings

Page Case Study: Team in Trouble
Unit 3 Case Study
Unit 4: Looking Back, Looking Forward... Book Unit 4 Notes: Looking Back, Looking Forward....
Unit 4 Notes
URL Unit 4 Readings

Unit 4 Readings

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