• Booth 9: The role of technology in facilitating shared understanding/cooperation between team members

    Jennifer Walinga worked with Michael Pardy and Instructional Designer, Keith Webster to explore the role of technology in facilitating shared understanding and cooperation between team members. Jennifer considers cooperation to be the most significant phase of team based learning because it signifies a transformative shift by the team from ‘coordination’ to ‘cooperation’.  Jennifer’s study involved a literature review, interviews, surveys, and focus groups with BA and MA learners to investigate the role technology plays in facilitating cooperation. The findings of this study will inform the development of authentic team-based learning activities and assignments, effective instructional design, and team-based learning assessment practice.

    Jennifer Walinga

    Michael Pardy

    Keith Webster
Booth 8: Technology Enhancements to Enable Team Based Learning in the MBA Advanced Strategic Integrative Practice Course Booth 10: Lessons from the experiences of online teamwork with real clients in Royal Roads University master’s programs