• Storyteller Series on the Learning and Teaching Model, 2013-14


    The Learning and Teaching Model Storyteller Series took an in-depth look at how faculty are applying the core components of the RRU Learning and Teaching Model and through a storytelling format, showcased examples of LTM throughout RRU's courses and programs.

    This workshop series also articulated how CTET is able to assist faculty and programs in utilizing these core LTM components to build authentic and relevant learning that creates engaging learning experiences. The workshops provided a great opportunity for faculty to share, collaborate, and learn from colleagues across Schools.

    Each of the boxes below provides links to stories and artefacts from the workshops, held in 2013 - 2014. 

  • Part 6: Enhancing Learning Through Technology

    Number six in the Learning and Teaching Model workshop series was about enhancing learning through the use of technology, and was facilitated by Carlos da Cruz Alves on March 11, 2014. The workshop provided an opportunity for faculty to share and explore hands-on sessions on how technology can enhance the learning experience and how it can be incorporated into programs, courses and individual class sessions.

    Story tellers at the event:

    • Lisa Read - Associate Faculty, School of Education and Technology
    • Robert Aucoin – Associate Faculty, School of the Humanitarian Studies
    • Robert Hanlon – Associate Faculty, School of the Humanitarian Studies

    Workshop Introduction

    Explore this interactive diagram below to see some of the multimedia and social media resources used in the workshop.

Part 5: Faculty with Professional Experience