Assignment 1: Best Practices (pairs) 20%

Assignment 1: Best Practices (Pairs) 20%

Working in pairs assigned by your course facilitator, you will choose a synchronous tool and describe its affordances for use in educational settings. The report will include a table listing the type of tool, potential use(s) and limitations. Limitations of implementing the tool within a post-secondary, k-12 or training environment should also be discussed. You and your partner will be responsible for developing an analysis of one tool that should be succinct (point form will be fine). The resulting best practices document will be shared with the entire class (via personal blog, class wiki or online repository). After posting your document of 1000 words maximum, you will participate in an asynchronous forum to discuss the potential uses of the chosen tools in relation to supporting the attainment of specific learning outcomes.

Criteria can be determined by the class in the forum and could include:

  1. Affordances
  2. Limitations
  3. User requirements: Meeting the needs of the synchronous learner
  4. Ease of use
  5. Scalability: Opportunities and issues