Assignment 4: Course Redesign for Synchronous + Asynchronous Delivery (individual) 40%

Assignment 4: Course Redesign for Synchronous + Asynchronous Delivery (individual) 40%

You are asked to re-design a course or a module within a current or previously-taught course using effective synchronous learning design and facilitation principles. If you are not currently teaching, you can choose one of the following options instead of an existing course:

  1. a professional development module for faculty and/or staff;
  2. a non-credit student support module;
  3. an adaptation of current open educational resources into a course or
  4. an alternative to be negotiated with the course instructor.

Prepare a redesign plan that includes the following:

  • Course or module context and background
  • Rationale for the re-design grounded in the relevant learning theories
  • Learning outcomes or objectives of the course/module
  • Description of the course/module re-design details, including any special considerations that need to be considered in its delivery and implementation
  • A plan for the effective facilitation of the re-designed course/module focusing on synchronous learning strategies (similar to an instructor's guide)
  • Technology requirements and constraints


  • Course redesign Plan with a maximum of 1500 words.

Your instructor is available to help you determine the appropriate topic and scope of your re-design project.