Assignment 1: Exploration of Authentic Activities (pairs)

Assignment 1: Exploration of Authentic Activities

Participants, in pairs, will research a variety of online authentic learning activities and forms of authentic assessment; post a summary of their findings in the community-wide repository and class forum as a tech sheet, discuss the highlights of the exploration processes in a subsequent class plenary discussion and teach a short session about their findings. Please see below for more specific details.

Exploration: Using the simulated scenario developed in the community profile, participants in pairs, will examine a variety of authentic activities (e.g. role play, simulation, case study, web quests, portfolios, PBL, immersive scenarios, etc.). Students will evaluate one activity using the nine characteristics of Authentic Learning on the web described by Herrington, Oliver, and Herrington (2007), as well start to consider the affordances within technology mediated online environments that enable learners to engage in authentic activities.

Tech Sheet (due end of week 3): Participant pairs will develop a "tech sheet" in a format of their choice (e.g. poster, document, slideshow, video, etc.) that includes a

  • brief explanation/description of the chosen activity
  • description of why they chose the activity
  • an assessment of how the activity relates to the nine characteristics;
  • the pair’s suggestions for how the activity could be made more authentic.

The tech sheet will be no longer than 500 words (or 3 minutes in length if video or audio is chosen) and will be uploaded to the community-wide repository by end of week 3.

Class Discussion (week 4): Participants review the uploaded tech sheets and in discussion with their classmates reflect on the following questions in the forum:

  1. What was helpful to you in applying the nine characteristics to the assignment?
  2. What opportunities might be emerging for you for designing/revising one of your course units/modules to enhance authentic learning?
  3. What themes or patterns jump out for you when you look at the analyses in the tech sheets?
  4. What questions do you still have about the development and use of authentic learning activities?

Teaching session (week 4): Prepare and teach a short session (10 mins) over collaborate (or other sync tool that can be recorded) on the activity you have chosen, highlighting the points covered in your tech sheet. Demonstrate the role learning outcomes play in an authentic activity. Design your session using the Design Down Model, BOPPPS or a model of your choice.

This can be taught live and recorded OR recorded live and shared in community-wide repository by end of week 4.