Assignment 3: Building a Learning and Assessment Activity (individual)

Assignment 3: Building a Learning and Assessment Activity (individual)

Choose a course (either an existing course or one that you are developing). Review the learning outcomes or objectives and choose one or two that will guide the development of an authentic learning and assessment activity using one (or more) social media and/or web 2.0 tools – use the community-wide repository to help you choose an activity and the appropriate technology to support it.

1.  Prepare a brief project plan that includes:

  • 1 or 2 learning outcome(s) and assessment criteria
  • description of activity
  • description of how the web tool is used in the activity
  • description of the proposed assessment method

The project plan should be no more than 800 words while including sufficient detail to enable someone else to use the plan to build the activity. It can be in the form of a mindmap, storyboard or other document.

Post your plan to the class discussion forum by end of the week; review one other plan and provide feedback.  Submit your plan to this dropbox for feedback from instructor.

2. Build the activity and an assessment rubric during week 8. Use feedback recieved from peers to revise your plan and feed the production process. If time allows, invite a critical friend to test the activity. Once completed, add your activity to the community-wide repository as an exemplar for the type of activity and for the social media.web 2.0 tools used.

Class will review projects at start of week 9.