Reflection and Feedback


Giving and receiving feedback is a vital part of communication and team performance. Feedback is a tool that is consistently used in the work world, both formally and informally. Bob Dignenat Cambridge University states, that "feedback is around us all the time... every time we speak or listen to another person, in our tone of voice, in the words we use, in the silences which we allow, we communicate feedback."

Quite often giving and receiving feedback can be painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable, however when flipping the feedback paradigm to feedforward (focusing on next steps, instead of past mistakes), it can be a development tool that focuses on vision, goals and positive next steps.

When done effectively, feedback has the ability to motivate and develop performance. This is why it is crucial for feedback to happen at all stages of team assignments, not just at the end! When feedback back is given at key stages it can be a development tool for each team member.