Course Overview

FLO Learning Activities

The key learning activities each week in FLO are:

  • Overview: Found at the top of each week, the overview book provides an explanation of the focus and theme for the week as well as notes and additional readings/media
  • Weekly Activity: You will either take part in co-facilitating a mini-session or participating in a mini-session each week. You will only co-facilitate for one week of the course.
  • Give Feedback: If you have been a participant in the weekly activity (as opposed to one of the facilitators), you will be asked to provide constructive feedback to the week's mini-session facilitators
  • FLIF Reflection: At the end of the week that you co-facilitate the mini-session, you will complete and submit a "FLIF" (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback) reflection.
  • Journal Share: Reflect and record the what, so what and next steps you will take away from FLO in your learning journal, and share a "nugget" or two with everyone each week in the Weekly Journal Share Forum. Include in your post your self-assessment of your own participation using the FLO Rubric. During the last week of the course, that week's team of facilitators will ask you reflect back on your participation and learning journal posts that you made throughout the course.

When facilitating weekly activities

During the FLO workshop, you will facilitate a learning activity on a pre-assigned topic for your fellow FLO participants. You will be assigned to a team and topic. Teams typically have 2-3 members depending on class size.

All mini-sessions are weekly activities that take place over five days of the course. Each activity plan can be found in the Facilitation Teams' Workspace section and provides information you will need to facilitate the session effectively. To save time, and help you focus on learning and trying new facilitation techniques and skills, we've designed the activity for you. One of the FLO facilitators will be your lead support during the week.

Your FLO facilitator can assist you as you prepare to facilitate your activity and with using any tools. Use the planning forum in your section of the Facilitation Teams' Workspace to develop your plan together, keep the FLO facilitator up-to-date on progress and coordinate your facilitation tasks during your mini-session.

When participating in weekly activities

When you are not facilitating your own mini-session, you will be a participant in others' mini-sessions. Your role of participant is KEY!

During this time you are asked to:

  • Actively participate as a student. Please try to participate equally in all sessions. This ensures all facilitators have an equal opportunity to practice their skills.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to the mini-session facilitators each week.
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