Course Overview

Workshop Structure and Layout

The information you see in the course is structured in three columns:

Column 1 provides access to navigation menu and administrative detail, such as the Participants area, to find who else is in the course

Column 2 features the course content and activities, in sections

Column 3 features the Quick Links block - a quick way to find and search forums in the course, and additional helpful resources which sit outside the course

screenshot of main page of course

Layout of Sections

If you look down the left site (Column 1), the navigation goes as follows:

The Hub is the first section of the site where you will find resources and discussion forums that you'll need to use for the entire course. You will return to the Hub over and over again.

The Weekly sections are located just after the Hub. Click on each link in the Navigation section (Column 1 above) to see what is happening during that week of the course. We will move through these in order throughout the course.

The Facilitation Teams Workspace section at the bottom is where you will find your team planning forum and a detailed activity plan for the learning activity your team will facilitate.

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