Week 2: Overview

Week 2: Overview

Weekly Activity

During this week, you'll be guided through an online learning activity by a team of your peers in FLO. The basic process or cycle of these weekly activities (from a participant's perspective) is:

  • read launch message on Monday (explaining what to do and when)
  • work to complete your learning tasks (explained in the Instructions the team posts)
  • ask for clarifications or assistance from your team of facilitators, if and when required
  • notify team facilitators / FLO facilitators if you are unable to participate or complete any of your learning tasks
  • collect your thoughts about your experiences in the session and provide constructive feedback to the team of facilitators on the weekend (usually Saturday) by posting in the appropriate forum (or other resource, as applicable) in the week's area.

the steps in the mini-session process (for participants)

Focus for the Activity

You’ll be asked to explore the differences between face-to-face and online learning environments from the potential perspectives of adults of various ages, cultural backgrounds, economic conditions, and personal and educational backgrounds. Online learning environments also present different opportunities and challenges for learners (and new facilitators!)


Explore the opportunities and challenges of online learning as they relate to the diverse needs of adult learners. Or, put differently:

  • What supports do learners need in online learning environments?
  • What opportunities exist online that can be used to make learning more effective or interesting for adults online?
  • What challenges exist about online that might affect your learners?