Week 4: Overview

Read and View

The following optional readings and videos are provided as references for the topics discussed in this week's Overview. 

  • Collaborative Online Research and Learning, "Tuckman Stages of Group Development". 
  • MIT, Human Resources, Learning & Development, "Using the Stages of Team Development".
  • Dool, R. (2007, February). Best practices: Mitigating Conflict in Online Student Teams. eLearn Magazine, 2007(2), 2.
    Note: This article directly addresses the issue of conflict in teams. It gives effective, solid strategies based on experience.
  • Lam, W., Chua, A., Williams, J.B., & Lee, C. (2005). Virtual teams: Surviving or thriving? Proceedings of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference, Brisbane, Australia (pp. 357-360).
    Note: This article is written by faculty who have a strong focus on team work that contributes to as much as 50% of student grades. Some good strategy suggestions for helping teams perform well together.
  • RRU - CTET. (2008, Fall). Team Based Learning. Tools for Teaching (T4T) Tipsheet, 1(3), 1-2.
    Note: This tip sheet is a short and sweet strategy document.
  • University of New South Wales, Learning to Teach Online - From COFA.online Gateway - Learning to Teach Online project