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Royal Roads Student Conduct

Royal Roads University recognizes that students have rights and responsibilities within our learning community.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the educational mandate of the University as an institution of higher learning, and in accordance with generally accepted standards of behaviour and published University policies, procedures, and guidelines. In addition to enjoying the rights accorded them by law, Students have the right to free and open intellectual inquiry and to membership in the University community. Students are responsible for making themselves aware of applicable laws and University policies, procedures, and guidelines that are available online on the University website, and abiding by these (Royal Roads University, 2016)

These rights and responsibilities extend to your participation in student teams. Sometimes, students on teams struggle to behave in ways consistent with their rights and responsibilities. For example, sometimes students miss team deadlines or use inappropriate language when communicating with team members. These behaviours can undermine the equal respect and opportunities afforded each student under the Student Code of Conduct. Most of the time, these challenges are transitory and can be addressed through open and honest communication within the team. When these behaviours are persistent, ask for help from your instructor(s), team coaches, and the program office. Sometimes the situation is so serious a formal complaint must be filed.

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