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Conference Board of Canada, Team Competencies

Employability Skills

The Conference Board of Canada lists 'working with others' and 'participate in projects and tasks' as needed skills for the current workplace. Employability skills are defined as "the generic skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers look for when they hire new recruits and that they seek to develop in their current employees."2

Work with Others
  • understand and work within the dynamics of a group
  • ensure that a team’s purpose and objectives are clear
  • be flexible: respect, and be open to and supportive of the thoughts, opinions, and contributions of others in a group
  • recognize and respect people’s diversity, individual differences, and perspectives
  • accept and provide feedback in a constructive and considerate manner
  • contribute to a team by sharing information and expertise
  • lead or support when appropriate, motivating a group for high performance
  • understand the role of conflict in a group to reach solutions
  • manage and resolve conflict when appropriate
Participate in Projects and Tasks
  • plan, design, or carry out a project or task from start to finish with well-defined objectives and outcomes
  • develop a plan, seek feedback, test, revise, and implement
  • work to agreed-upon quality standards and specifications
  • select and use appropriate tools and technology for a task or project
  • adapt to changing requirements and information
  • continuously monitor the success of a project or task and identify ways to improve
Interesting Fact:

One study, published in The Harvard Business Review, found that ‘‘the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50 percent or more’’ over the last two decades and that, at many companies, more than three-quarters of an employee’s day is spent communicating with colleagues (Duhigg, 2016).

Watch this YouTube clip by author Patrick Lencioni who specializes in team development and organizational health. He speaks to the value and necessity of team development in the work world and how it truly effects every area of our life.