Personal Awareness

Personal Values

Now that you understand the value, characteristics and stages of a successful team it is critical that you dive deeper into your personal qualities and strengths. Understanding and sharing your strengths, leadership qualities, and personality attributes helps to form and build your diverse team. You will have an opportunity in Unit 1: Activities to take the following two assessments to deepen your knowledge of self.

ITP Metrics

ITP Metrics will be used throughout your team development and progression. At this stage it is highly encouraged for you to complete the personality section. You will receive a report that describes how your personality traits can relate to your team interactions and experiences in teamwork.

VIA Character Strengths

Understanding your strengths and your values will allow you to have a deeper conversation in a team setting. Once you have identified your personal values as a team you can better understand the group’s strengths, areas for improvement and overall functioning. Exploring your team’s interplay of character strengths can help to create synergy, as well as a positive work environment that can lead to higher performing teams.

A great resource and read that relates to character strengths is: Great Teams are About Personalities, Not Just Skills