Working with Others

This unit is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss and explore your group dynamics. You will gain an understanding and awareness surrounding diversity in teams, while identifying team goals, roles and responsibilities within your team.  


This unit is packed full of key material that will support you on your team building journey. Through research, such as Randall Hansen’s Team Study, team’s have been utilized by academic institutes for many years with mixed results. One of the biggest problems is the placement of students on teams with little or no guidance on 'how to' function and subsequently perform in a team. We want you to maximize the benefits of team assignments and we will provide you with some deeper understanding and awareness surrounding team formation, process and diversity (cultural, social etc.)

In this unit we also identify your team goals for accomplishing work, establishing roles and responsibilities of individual members. You will capitalize on individuals’ strengths and interests when deciding roles. At the end of this unit you will have established a team agreement with clear expectations of behaviour and conduct, roles and responsibilities.