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Mind Tools, an online skills building website, explains that rapport isn’t just a tool for building relationships; it’s often the foundation of success. When you have built rapport with someone, you’re better placed to influence, learn and teach, particularly as the trust that you’ve built up means other people are more likely to accept ideas, to share information and to create opportunities together. Whether you are being interviewed for a job, selling something or improving team relationships knowing how to build rapport can help you perform successfully.

Rapport forms meaningful, close, harmonious relationships amongst people. It is connection that you get when you meet someone you like and trust and whose point of view you understand. Rapport can also be built and developed by finding common ground, finding a connection or bond and being empathetic.

Researchers Linda Tickle-Degnen and Robert Rosenthal state that when you have rapport with someone you share:

  • Mutual Attentiveness: you are both focused on, and interested in, what the other person is saying or doing
  • Positivity: you show care and concern for one another
  • Coordination: you feel ‘in sync’ with one another and share a common understanding. you adjust your energy levels, tone and body language to create a positive interaction

Mind Tools Tip: Rapport is similar to trust. You can build trust and rapport simultaneously, but rapport focuses more on establishing a bond or connection, where trust relies more on establishing a reputation for reliability, consistency and keeping your promises.


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