Working with Others

This unit is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss and explore your group dynamics. You will gain an understanding and awareness surrounding diversity in teams, while identifying team goals, roles and responsibilities within your team.  

Strategies for Building Rapport

Here are some strategies for building rapport:

  • Good communication: be culturally appropriate, smile, engage in active listening and questioning
  • Find common ground: show genuine interest, ask open-ended questions, be genuine, share laughter
  • Create shared experience: collaborate to solve and define problems, devise solutions and design strategies
  • Be empathetic: understand different perspectives and recognize emotions- ask open ended questions, give space for them to talk and listen actively
  • Naturally mirror and match: watch body language (gesture, expressions, postures), use similar language (volume, tone and tempo)

Re-establishing rapport takes time if it has been lost. First, address why rapport was lost. Be honest and humble with what happened and apologize if needed. Next, focus on ways of repairing broken trust , be transparent and genuine with next steps and actively demonstrate.