Working with Others

This unit is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss and explore your group dynamics. You will gain an understanding and awareness surrounding diversity in teams, while identifying team goals, roles and responsibilities within your team.  

RRU Team Expectations

Student Conduct Policy

Royal Roads University recognizes that students have rights and responsibilities within our learning community.

Every student is bound by the general guidelines laid out in the Policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities. Guidelines 3.0 and 4.0 are relevant to student teams.

  • 3.0 Students have the right to a University community characterized by mutual respect and equal opportunity. Students have the right to study in a safe environment where their physical and psychological well-being is protected.
  • 4.0 Students have the responsibility to treat all members of the University community with respect, in learning environments and in all other interactions. Students have the responsibility not to engage in behaviour that a reasonable person should reasonably know is unsafe or inappropriate and not to intimidate, interfere with, threaten or otherwise obstruct any University activity, nor to hinder members of the University community in the pursuit of their legitimate activities. Violence of any kind, including sexual violence, is strictly prohibited.

Essentially, students agree to treat their fellow students (and others in the community) with respect. In practice, on student teams, respect is generally understood to mean:

  • Actively participating in the team;
  • Negotiating and following team agreements;
  • Compromising for the sake of team consensus;
  • Accepting reasonable variations in skill, knowledge, and motivations in others; and
  • Accommodating diverse individual needs.

Royal Roads, students are expected to prioritize teamwork. This is because work on team projects affects other students. Faced with the difficult choice of prioritizing an individual assignment rather than a team assignment, students are expected to prioritize their teamwork.