Working with Others

Team Assignment Process


During the integration phase the team brings their delegated work, writing and research together. This phase lasts the longest, as the team is consistently coordinating, informing and collaborating with each other.

There will need to be consistent check-ins, to ensure that each role is being fulfilled and supported. Re-visit your TAPS document to ensure roles and expectations have been completed.

The process of integrating the material should have been defined and decided when segmenting the work. In this phase the team will:

  • Confirm who is bringing the work together (i.e. everyone, designated team member, leader/editor).
  • Meeting and use open communication to address gaps or misunderstandings, and how individual components will fit together.
  • Re-visit assignment description, instructions and rubric to check alignment with team work

A high level of adaptability is required during the integration process. Feedback, communication, and critical thinking are keys to ensuring the "collective voice" is captured.