Inclusive Communication

Effective Conversations

Have you ever been accused of "putting 2 and 2 together and making 5," meaning that the other person thinks you have jumped to the wrong conclusion?

Mind Tools explains, that in today’s fast-moving world, we are pressured to make quick decisions, rather than spending time to reason and think about true facts. This can cause conflict with other team mates, who may have different conclusions on the same subject.

It is important (at RRU and in the workplace) that your actions and decisions are founded on reality. Thus, when you challenge other people’s conclusions, you need to be confident that both your and their reasoning is firmly based on the true facts. This is where the 'Ladder of Inference' can help with achieving the facts. The Ladder of Inference, developed by organizational psychologist Chris Argyis and used by Peter Senge (also known as Process of Abstraction) can support your critical thinking, show you where you may get off track, and guide you back to facts and reality.