Inclusive Communication

Curiosity & Inquiry

We can not emphasis this enough; being curious and inquisitive is the cornerstone of your team foundation. Inquiry is a tool for helping make our thinking processes more visible and more explicit to others. Being inquiry-oriented helps us to hear what others have to say, reduce our defensiveness, talk more openly, and enable us to more clearly appreciate multiple interpretations of events.

Effective strategies to enhance Inquiry

  • Sensing – "I'm watching the conversation flow without saying much but I’m being keenly aware of all that is transpiring."
  • Clarifying – "What is the question we are trying to answer."
  • Interviewing – "I’m exploring others’ points of view and the reasons behind them."
  • Bystanding – "I'm making observations pertaining to the group process but not to the actual content."

Dysfunctional strategies

  • Withdrawing – "I’ve mentally checked out of the room and not really paying attention."
  • Interrogating – "Can’t you see that your point of view is wrong?"

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