Inclusive Communication

The Ladder of Inference


The Ladder of Inference tips discussed strategies for you to become more clear on your personal beliefs, assumptions and judgments . Advocacy is a tool for making our thinking processes visible and more explicit to others. We can use the ladder of inference to support the process of laying out our reasoning and inviting others to examine or even challenge it. By being advocacy oriented, we are often more open to the influence of other perspectives, ideas, and insights.

Effective strategies to enhance Advocacy

  • Asserting "Here’s what I say and how I say it."
  • Explaining  "Here’s how I see the world and why I see it that way."
  • Testing "Here’s what I say. What do you think of it."

Dysfunctional strategies

  • Dictating  "Here’s what I say and never mind why."
  • Politicking  "I’m giving the impression of balancing advocacy."