Reflection and Feedback

Personal Contribution and Reflection

We discussed in Unit One, Personal Reflection and we highly encourage you to re-visit and consider and review the reflection questions. Another reflection tool that you can use is a personal SWOT analysis (you may have used this for a business class or within your business). SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can do this at the start of your assignment personally, allowing each member of the team to share their personal insight.

Individual accountability is important because it helps to manage team process and can clearly differentiate performers from non performers. We highly suggest that when building your team agreements, that you include an expectation of team members to keep a personal contribution file.

Why document personal contribution? They are useful when issues arise about individual contributions and help with providing more detail in peer evaluations. Not only will this support your team, but it will get you in the habit of documenting your work and accomplishments in your career. Documenting accomplishments at work is crucial to your success in obtaining promotions and new jobs.

How will do we use them? Your team can request to record their contributions to the team as they happen, on a weekly basis, or submitted with the team at important benchmark dates.


The Power of Feedback

Ted Talks: How to use others’ feedback to learn and grow