Reflection and Feedback


Marshall Goldsmith has developed and tested the concept of 'feedforward.' Feedforward is the practice of giving suggestions for the future and next steps. Read his Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback article.

We encourage you try this process with your team members! Here is the feedforward process:

Allow one person to respond at a time

  1. Team member starts with telling their team members: "The behaviour I would like to enhance or change is..."
  2. The same team member then asks their team members: "What behaviour would you suggest I focus on to be a stronger team member (use the feedforward method to state this)."
  3. Each team member takes turn stating one behaviour they suggest that person could focus on as feedforward.
  4. The person receiving the feedforward only says THANK YOU!
  5. Next Round: Same person: Each member of the team will go around again and say: "What I appreciated about working with you in our team was..."

Additional Feedback & Feedforward Resources:

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