Reflection and Feedback


Self and Peer Assessment

Peer and self assessment many times is a mandatory part of your assignment process, as instructed by your teacher. Team coaches work diligently with faculty and you to ensure that you are practicing and using peer and self assessment tools. Currently, ITP Metrics has a Peer Feedback Assessment that we use within teams. When you use this tool you are required to identify both self and peer contribution.

Self Assessment: requires you to identify you skills and standards to make judgements on whether you have met the criteria expected (this is where your personal contribution file will be used!)

Peer Assessment: involves team members making evaluative judgements regarding individuals and the team as a whole.

For this type of assessment to be valid and valuable, team members must have include reflective notes and on of how the group worked, what they contributed and how the process could have been improved.

Additional Resources:

Here is a rubric that you can use during your assignment process, to initiate team development conversation

Peer and Self Assessment Questions