OVC Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria

In the event that you decide to assign this exercise for credit, there are several aspects which could be marked. How exactly you mark the Online Venture Challenge is up to you, and likely dependent on the nature of your program and its learning outcomes. At Royal Roads University we evaluate 20 different business elements that fall into three main categories; Design, Performance and Presentation. Instructions related to these categories are found in the pages that follow.

You Mark Performance?

Our university prides itself on delivering a very practical education to a student body that is largely comprised of working professionals. Accordingly, we do mark this assignment for real-world performance along five different metrics. When launched a few years ago, we sent a related question to the ENTREP mailing list thru AOM. Predictably, we heard back from those with extreme viewpoints, lovers and haters. Common amongst supporters was the idea of limiting the total point value of the performance based mark, simply so as to protect good students from having their grade pulled down by an experimental flop.

How Will I Know Excellent from Mediocre?

As our program is learning outcomes based we never grade on a curve. Our performance rubric must therefore include an ordinal scale that pre-determines the grade associated with a particular achievement. The numbers you see on the following pages are informed by the achievements of four different classes of students. As professors outside our university adopt this exercise and report back on their experiences we will add that information to this site.

Can I See More Examples?

Yes, this site is being continuously refined. As the Online Venture Challenge is adopted by other universities we will post related information to inform your decision making. Here, for example is a copy of the student-facing assessment rubric from a major university in the Southeastern United States. In that instance the professor is marking design, performance and a final presentation for a total of 100 points.