OVC Media Clips

Venture Challenge In the Media

You will find several Venture Challenge media clips on the following pages. These are included here to assist you in imagining the sorts of things students might do. Largely these are two and three year old examples of Royal Roads University On-Campus teams connecting with local reporters in Victoria, BC. There are three things to keep in mind while viewing them;

  1. The on-campus Venture Challenge has a much longer history than the Online Venture Challenge (into which it evolved). The Venture Challenge was also a bootstrapped social venture but it was not e-commerce. Therefore, business models shown here will be slightly different than what you should expect in the Online Venture Challenge.
  2. TV reporters are looking for stories that show well on video, and
  3. Most media is either local or national in focus - but not both.

Teaching Online?
Although it might be challenging to coordinate all of your geographically dispersed online students into a TV piece that suits the needs of one particular media outlet, it certainly could be done. Working with your university's communications and PR professionals you might be able to generate high quality 'B-Roll' (footage that plays in the background while newscasters do a voice over). Notably, prior online teams at Royal Roads University have had media success with national radio. Make sure to remind your students to engage their web analytics before getting so much attention.