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Unit 1: Personal Awareness Unit 1: Discussion Forum 0
Unit 2: Working with Others Pre Activity: Reflection on Team Experience

Reflect on your past experience learning and working in teams. What has been your biggest ‘Ah ha’ learning moment about yourself? What have you learned about others from working in a team? And what will you apply in your new RRU team?

Unit 2: Discussion Forum 0
Unit 3: Inclusive Communication Unit 3: Discussion Forum 0
Unit 4: Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution Unit 4: Discussion Forum 0
Unit 5: Reflection & Feedback Activity: Constructive Feedback

Think back to a time when you received constructive feedback about your personal work or academic performance. How did you feel receiving it? Reflecting on the material you read about feedback and your personal experience, what are key characteristics you would like to be present from the person ...