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Community Discussions Q & A with BCom Program (Class)

Q & A with BCom Program Office

Have a question for the BCom Program Office?

This discussion will be moderated by the BCom Program Staff.

Contact an Alumni and Alumni Forum (Class)

Contact an Alumni

These BCom Alumni have made themselves available for questions about life as a BCom learner. {if you have Alumni who would be willing to facilitate this online forum, it can add value for learners. If not, delete this forum}

Alumni Forum

Several Alumni volunteers will post ...

BCom Bridge Cafe (Class)

BCom Bridge Cafe

This is your social space!

Weekend Giveaway Forum

Weekend Giveaway Forum

*Note: this is a special kind of forum - you can only read what others have posted once you have posted.

{technical detail: This Q&A forum only works if the instructor posts the first post. Override permissions set to prevent students from posting their own thread}

{Here is...

Week 1 Activity 3: Post Your Introduction (Class)

Activity 3: Post Your Introduction

In 200 words or less, introduce yourself to your fellow learners in this class discussion forum. Your introduction might include:

  • information on where you live
  • what you like to do when you are not working or studying
  • anything else you think may be of interest ...
Week 2 Dinner & a Movie

Dinner & a Movie: Supersize Me

Watch the movie Supersize Me (2004).

Now, imagine that you are working for a top consulting firm on a project for McDonald's executive management team. Using the four P's of Marketing (Product, Price, Placement & Promotion) as the framework underpinning your ...

Week 3 Activity 6: Your Future Business Bio (Class)

Activity 6: Your Future Business Bio (Class)

*Post your 300-word (about a page) Future Business Bio.

Choose a point in the future (max 5 years from now), and tell us what your professional life looks like.

Once you have posted your business bio, you will be able to see and respond to others' ...

Dinner & a Movie

Dinner & A Movie

Wall Street

“Watch the movie Wall St. (1987) and read this one page Wall St. Journal piece.

As you know, the people of Blue Star Airlines did not want to be purchased and sold off. This acquisition would be called a hostile takeover. The rewards Gekko envisioned were short-term, ...