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News & Updates (from ISWO Facilitators)

News & Updates (from ISWO Facilitators)

Course facilitators will use this forum to post updates on course happenings a few times each week. Posts in this forum are automatically emailed to you and show up in the latest news block on the right hand side of the course. You cannot respond to posts ...

Course Q & A (Class)

helpingCourse Q & A (Class)

This general/classwide forum is for asking for - and giving - help/clarification/guidance about this course. Any participant can feel free to respond to another person's question here if you can help.


Learning forums

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Mini-Session Activity Planning and Feedback Mini-Session Planning Forum (Team)

Mini-Session Planning Forum (Team)

This forum is for communicating and planning privately. The only people who can read what you post here are the ISWO facilitators and your partner(s); the rest of the class does not have access to your posts.

Mini-session facilitation teams should use this forum...

Mini-Session Feedback (Class)

Mini-Session Feedback (Class) - Use this to offer feedback to mini-session facilitators

Facilitators appreciate thoughtful and helpful feedback during and especially after their mini-sessions. They will use your comments posted in this forum and suggestions from their own reflection activity (the...

Pre-Course Preparation Schedules for ISWO (put it in your calendar) (Class)

Put ISWO into your schedule (Class)

  • for pre-course preparation (30 - 60 min prior to the start of week 1)
  • for weekly participation (at least 6-8 hrs each week, starting in week 1)

Sample Schedules:

8 hours per week – schedule additional time if needed.

7-8:30 am
over ...
Unit 1: Introductions & Online Community Building Introductions (Class)

Introductions (Class)

One of the goals of this unit is to get to know each other, share experiences, and start to create a sense of community.

This activity links to the following Learning Outcome:

Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Build and sustain online community Uses appropriate ...
Online Community Building (Class)

Class Discussion: Online Community Building

The goal of this discussion is to explore the qualities, benefits, challenges and responsibilities associated with online community building. This discussion is linked to the following Learning Outcomes:

Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Work-Life Balance (Class)

bywaterWork-Life Balance (Class)

This forum begins in unit 1 and continues in unit 4 - it is a unique "mini-session" in that it runs "lightly" at the beginning and end of the course instead of "heavily" in one week.

You need not check in every day, but you will be asked to respond to prompts in both ...

Unit 2: Theory into Practice Case: Course Review Task Force (Class)

Course Review Task Force Case (Class)

This activity is designed to get you thinking about Adult Learners and Learning Styles.

If you haven't already done so, please read this case: Course Review Task Force.

Your mini-session facilitator(s) will provide direction on next steps below.

This activity...

Unit 3: Facilitating Online Teams Facilitating Teamwork (Class)

Facilitating Teamwork (Class)

The mini-session facilitators will provide instructions for completing this activity below.

Learning Outcomes (participants will be able to...Assessment Criteria
Facilitate online learning more effectively
  • Define instructor role(s) in supporting learning ...
Unit 4: Looking Back, Looking Forward... Work-Life Balance (Class)

bywaterWork/Life Balance Wrap-Up (Class)

Unit 4

The Work-Life Team will be suggesting some ways for you to share strategies for lightening the load when things get too busy. At the end of the week, we can all leave with a little work-life balance help from our ISWO friends.

Assessing Participation (Class)

Assessing Participation (Class)

The purpose of this mini-session is to discuss the challenge of evaluating and assessing participation in an online course. Your mini-session facilitator(s) will provide directions below on how to participate in this activity.

Learning Outcomes related to this ...

Looking Back, Looking Forward... (Class)

Looking Back, Looking Forward (Class)

The goal of this activity is to help you engage in and share your reflective practice by taking stock of your learning in this course and making concrete plans for next steps.

Use the following prompts to compose a paragraph or two in response.

Looking Back: ...