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Moving from thought to action

A learning journal can be a powerful tool for individual reflection, synthesizing and sense-making. You are asked to keep a journal (any format you like) as you move through this course, and share a little "nugget" from it each week in this forum.

Here are some prompts that may help get you started, but feel free to structure your sharing in any way you see fit.

  • Begin with what you are learning (from discussions or readings and resources). What holds special promise to your practice? What have you noticed that you want to avoid? Record key ideas, strategies and resources.
  • What facilitation skills/strategies have you noticed being employed by others in the course this week that you might want to highlight or try yourself in the future? Jot proposed next steps or tasks that will help you move from thinking about it to doing it. How can you apply this to an upcoming course you will be teaching, or supporting someone else to teach?
  • How has your participation been this week? How is your self-assessment method working? Record your thoughts; give yourself some constructive feedback. (Check the FLO Rubric if you're not sure about expectations)
  • What have you noticed related to the workload of learning (or teaching) online? What questions might you have for your course colleagues about it?
  • Are you taking anything away from the feedback cycles that the class is participating in? Are you having any "ahas" about giving or receiving feedback?
  • Think about the design and flow of the course this week. What is working? What isn't?

Please click on the thread for the current week and reply to that, rather than starting a new thread for your post. This will have the effect of "collecting" everyone's posts for each week in one place.

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