Activity 3: Post Your Introduction (Class)

Activity 3: Post Your Introduction

In 200 words or less, introduce yourself to your fellow learners in this class discussion forum. Your introduction might include:

  • information on where you live
  • what you like to do when you are not working or studying
  • anything else you think may be of interest to others

Please review and respond to others' introductions - ask questions or make constructive comments where you feel it is appropriate. In this way, you can begin a dialogue with your fellow learners that serves as a basis for your interactions when you arrive on campus at RRU.

In this discussion, each person can start one thread only; however, there is no limit to the number of replies you can make. Please be considerate to others and keep a few points in mind with respect to netiquette at RRU.

  1. Keep each posting brief, ie. no more than two paragraphs at a time. Just as no one likes the idea of one person monopolizing a face-to-face discussion, brief postings ensure that this does not happen online.
  2. Encourage others to participate and invite their comments and discussion on your postings.
  3. Always respect other learners' perspectives, even though they may not be the same as your own. Different and unique points of view can do a great deal to enrich discussion and creative thought.
  4. Most of all, have fun!
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