Dinner & a Movie

Dinner & a Movie: Supersize Me

Watch the movie Supersize Me (2004).

Now, imagine that you are working for a top consulting firm on a project for McDonald's executive management team. Using the four P's of Marketing (Product, Price, Placement & Promotion) as the framework underpinning your proposal you will post your individual recommendation as to how McDonald's can increase their market share amongst the tweener age group.

There is a 200 word maximum for this post which you may organize/format as you see fit.

Meal (Optional)

What food/meal would go with the movie Supersize Me?

With Spurlock’s last supper in mind (a vegetable tart, quinoa and roasted veggie salad, artichokes, and a simple green salad), anything vegan – or at the very least vegetarian – would be appropriate. Spurlock’s wife (then girlfriend)’s website is sparse in recipes that would constitute a meal/dinner (save for Summer Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms or Vegan Penne A La Vodka), but a quick Epicurious search yielded some options you might like to try:


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