Dinner & a Movie

Dinner & A Movie

Wall Street

“Watch the movie Wall St. (1987) and read this one page Wall St. Journal piece.

As you know, the people of Blue Star Airlines did not want to be purchased and sold off. This acquisition would be called a hostile takeover. The rewards Gekko envisioned were short-term, exactly the kind of thinking that Barnett-Hart suggests we should correct. Her solution is to go work for a top investment bank (which is a very hard job to get, by the way), and change them from within. The WSJ blogger’s comment about her innocence suggests that they feel the odds (and the ‘good old boy’ network) are very much against her.

Would you propose a different solution to the financial community’s short-term profit orientation? Discuss.


What food/meal would go with the movie Wall Street?

Well, as Gordon Gecko orders for Bud Fox early on in the movie, you could prepare your own Steak Tartare. Check out Anthony Bourdain’s recipe for a how-to. Perhaps a glass of red wine to accompany?

“Greed is good” suggests to me the use of luxe ingredients, and certainly lots of butter. If raw meat isn’t to your taste, how about Risotto made with lots of butter and wine, topped with Butter Poached Lobster? One of my favourite food bloggers – The Pioneer Woman – does a mean (and by that I mean decadent) Risotto here. For a step-by-step video on how to butter-poach lobster, check out this video!

Enjoy! Samantha Wood

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