Schedules for ISWO (put it in your calendar) (Class)

Put ISWO into your schedule (Class)

  • for pre-course preparation (30 - 60 min prior to the start of week 1)
  • for weekly participation (at least 6-8 hrs each week, starting in week 1)

Sample Schedules:

8 hours per week – schedule additional time if needed.

7-8:30 am
over morning coffee at home
2-3:30 pm 9-10 pm
if needed
10-11:30 am 7-8:30 am
over morning coffee at home

8 hours – for someone who would like to spend a weekend session looking over the week’s work, getting readings done and possibly starting one of the week’s activities.

8-11 am 4-5pm 8-8:30 am 4-5pm 8-8:30 am 8-9 am

Share your schedule with everyone. This will help you manage your own expectations and will also assist your teammates when working on the team sessions. Please start a new topic with your schedule.

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