Introductions (Class)

Introductions (Class)

One of the goals of this unit is to get to know each other, share experiences, and start to create a sense of community.

This activity links to the following Learning Outcome:

Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Build and sustain online community Uses appropriate strategies to develop and support online community


Your facilitators will share some biographical info about themselves in their introductions, and now is the time to share a little info about yourself. How did you choose ISWO? What do you hope to achieve by taking this course? Have you tried different ways to engage students in your online courses? If yes, please share your strategies.

Also, talk a bit about you in this course. How might your learning style present benefits/challenges for you? What times of the week/day have you set aside for coursework? Where/how do you normally learn more about teaching?

Then, read about your colleagues and respond to some of their introductions.

If you'd like to experiment with a novel way to introduce yourself, try one of these ideas.

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