Work-Life Balance (Class)

bywaterWork-Life Balance (Class)

This forum begins in unit 1 and continues in unit 4 - it is a unique "mini-session" in that it runs "lightly" at the beginning and end of the course instead of "heavily" in one week.

You need not check in every day, but you will be asked to respond to prompts in both weeks to keep you thinking about your work-life balance, and sharing strategies for maintaining it. The work-life balance facilitators may also suggest alternative activities during the course.

Start or reply to a thread, below, to respond to these prompts:

Unit 1

  • What work/life balance issues do you expect to experience during these four weeks?
  • What are your ideas or current strategies for addressing the issues?
  • How will you schedule your time and energy to get the most out of ISWO as well as manage the rest of your life?

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