Case: Course Review Task Force (Class)

Course Review Task Force Case (Class)

This activity is designed to get you thinking about Adult Learners and Learning Styles.

If you haven't already done so, please read this case: Course Review Task Force.

Your mini-session facilitator(s) will provide direction on next steps below.

This activity is linked to these Learning Outcomes:

Learning OutcomeSelf-Assessment Criteria
Apply principles and theories of adult learning and learning-style-theories to online teaching
  • List and describe the main learning theories and learning styles
  • Recognize and accommodate different learning theories and learning styles in your online classroom

Additional Instructions from Your Facilitators:

We have broken the course review task force into three sub-committees with each taking on a specific role in order to complete the task of providing feedback: (1)The student sub-committee will be doing their review from the role of a student.  (2) The instructor sub-committee will be doing their review from the role of an instructor (3) The evaluator sub-committee will be doing their review from the role of a typical school task force that has been put together by the school administration to review the course feedback.

You will be assigned to one of the sub-committees listed above.  After reviewing all of the case data provided you are tasked with providing recommendations to the mini session facilitators: Loni who is facilitating the student sub-committee, Steven the instructor sub-committee and Erika the evaluator sub-committee of the course review task force.  Please read your assigned facilitator’s initial post in this Course Review Forum and start your “reply threads” there.

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