Facilitating Teamwork (Class)

Facilitating Teamwork (Class)

The mini-session facilitators will provide instructions for completing this activity below.

Learning Outcomes (participants will be able to...Assessment Criteria
Facilitate online learning more effectively
  • Define instructor role(s) in supporting learning online
  • Demonstrate effective and appropriate online facilitation, communication, questioning and coaching skills
Build and sustain online community
  • Identify strategies for working with diverse online communities (e.g., existing cohort and team cultures)
Manage the online course environment
  • Understand how and when to employ appropriate group conflict prevention and management strategies where necessary

From this week's facilitators:

Hello everyone and welcome to Unit 3 - Facilitating Teamwork. We (Karen, Tina-Marie and Colin) hope you had a restful weekend.

The purpose of this week’s activity is to examine best practice strategies for facilitating optimal group dynamics and conflict prevention and management.

Please read the case: Team in Trouble and this week’s readings.

Unit 3 Facilitating Teamwork Discussion forum

The following are a few issues/questions to consider in this Unit 3 discussion forum:

  • What are the main issues or problems raised in the case? The obvious issues and the not so obvious issues.
  • Can this team be saved?
  • What are your thoughts on Dool's comment that a team member's worst transgression is going silent? Do you agree or disagree? Please explain.
  • What strategies have you found most effective in diffusing conflict (online or face to face)?

Please reference this week's readings and other resources as appropriate. If you would like to use images or other media please do!

We will summarize the Unit 3 discussion forum in a Friday (May 23) email so please make your contributions by 10 pm Thursday May 22.

Also, don't forget to check out the other activity this week...the best practices wiki!

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