Forum: post critique of a sample sync session & discuss (class) - needs more details & examples

Forum: post critique of a synchronous session & discuss (class)

In teams, attend the same live synchronous session or watch a recording of a synchronous session. Individually, critique the session using the critical analysis rubric developed in Unit 2 and post your critique to a new thread in the team forum. Read the critiques posted by other team members. Are themes emerging? Discuss as a team.

How to find a synchronous session to attend? You may want to attend a session at your institution or workplace. Here are few places to start:

Scope BC Campus upcoming & archived sessions

ETUG TELL upcoming & archived sessions archive

ASCD Webinars - PD archived sessions

Free Webinar Wednesdays - business topics

If you cannot find something of interest on these sites, try a google search using "free webinar". Include a topic of interest in your search string.

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