Week12: Reflecting Back and Moving Forward


Intro to Week 12


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This is the final topic in the course. It is an opportunity for you to take stock of your learning over the last eleven weeks and, then, to consider how to integrate your new insights into your current and future course design activities and teaching strategies. You will be asked to virtually present your ePortfolio of course reflections, project samples, and other resources to other students in the course and to invite feedback from two students using the rubric developed in week 6. You will then write up a reflective summary based on the feedback received. See the description for Assignment 5 for more detail.

You will conclude the course by preparing an action plan for integrating authentic learning and assessment into your course design and teaching practices – this will be the final entry in your journal.

Learning Outcomes for this week

1. Apply principles of effective authentic learning and assessment to curriculum planning.
2. Apply key concepts of a learner-centered approach to the design of learning and assessment activities in courses.
3. Communicates effectively in selected media and modes.
4. Use technology to develop and support effective authentic learning and assessment practices.
6. Select and apply suitable and relevant authentic assessment methods, including peer and self-assessment.


Mueller, P. (2008). Portfolios: authentic assessment toolbox.- Portfolios: sections on process, management & communication

Spotlight on Faculty

Robert Thompson describing the problem-based learning approach used in a hotel management course.

Week 12 Activities

Assignment 5: Virtual ePortfolio Presentation - The last week of the course and the sharing of your ePortfolio. You have been collecting artifacts throughout the run of the course, now it is time to choose which artifacts best showcase your learning. Revisit the assignment 5 requirements. Include in your ePortfolio a short reflective summary describing, key highlights, how the course has impacted your thinking, behaviours or teaching practices and questions you still have. Share your ePortfolio by posting a link to it in the assignment 5 class forum. Timing for the week:

  • By Monday midnight - post your ePortfolio link, including reflective summary
  • Tuesday-Thursday - visit your classmates ePortfolios and provide feedback on two ePortfolios using the rubric designed in week 6
  • By Thursday midnight - post peer feedback to discussion forum
  • By Sunday midnight - review peer feedback about your ePortfolio and post one final reflection to the class forum


  • Select artifacts to make public in your ePortfolio

journalJournal - one entry for week 12:

  • Develop a personal action plan outlining how authentic learning and assessment will be integrated into your course design and teaching practices moving forward

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