Learn about H5P

What is the tool?

H5P is a free open-source toolkit for designing interactive content for the web. It allows us to create short, reusable micro-learning activities that we can use in a stand-alone way or insert into longer courses. Some options within the toolkit include quizzes, interactive videos and drag and drop games but there are many more.

This video [3:45 min] gives you a short overview of H5P:

This blog post gives you more detail about the content types that H5P offers, and how they could be used: http://theelearningcoach.com/media/creating-interactive-content-h5p/. Skim the first half and you'll get a pretty good of what this toolkit offers.

How could it be used at RRU?

You've now seen that H5P offers the potential to create many different types of learning activities; let's take a look at just one of them:

The Course Presentation content type is useful for presenting a topic by using keywords, images, video clips and audio. You can combine all of these elements into a rich multimedia learning experience, and you can also add various quiz questions along the way. Learn more about Course Presentation.

Try it out

Now it's your turn! Here are some instructions for how to create your own Course Presentation activity. (Or try another activity; some other ideas are below.)

  1. First, create a free account at https://h5p.org/user.
  2. After you create the account you'll be taken to your Account page where you'll see a pink "Create New Content" button. Click it!
  3. Choose Course Presentation from the "content type" drop-down list and get started. Why don't you try making a three slide presentation on something fun and easy? (Ideas: your favourite online tool; favourite food; pictures of your city, etc.

If you're the type of person that would like to see someone do this before you jump in, watch this 8 min screencast for an overview (note that there is no audio):

Want to keep going? This next screencast will show you how to create a Presentation with quiz, video and external links within. (Again, there is no audio.)

More resources

Now that you've tried the Course Presentation activity, next (or at another time) you might want to learn more about some other activities within H5P; here are two others which we think might be useful in RRU courses. (Note: There are tutorials within each if you're logged in, so check them out!)

  • The Interactive Video activity allows you to record a video from a lecture and add quizzes and in-depth information along the way. Students get a more engaging video experience. Learn more about Interactive Video.
  • The Memory Game is a free HTML5-baesd memory game content type allow you to add your own images (and optional text) to a memory game. To play the game, users search for image pairs, which will display a specified text message once a matching pair has been found. Learn more about Memory Game.

There are still more content types than this, so explore around a little more in the H5P site when you have time. Note: Your CTET instructional designers and learning technologists can support you in adding any H5P tools to your course - just ask!

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