Planning & Facilitating your Session

Before your Mini-session Activity:
  • Make sure you know which team you are on!  Check the List of Facilitation Teams and Sessions in the Hub.
  • Navigate to your team planning forum in the Facilitation Teams' Workspace and post your contact information and availability in Week 1. This forum is private to your team members and FLO Facilitators. Keep your assigned FLO facilitator informed on your progress and please feel free to bring forward questions or concerns to the facilitator supporting you.
  • Review the Week's Overview and Activity Plan to familiarize with the theme for the week, and the intended learning outcomes for your session.
  • Discuss with your team how you'd like to communicate in your planning phase, ways to facilitate your activity plan, and who will lead which activities in your plan. For example, would you like to split the workload, and if so, in what ways – e.g.: alternate days, different roles, or focus on certain people, etc. 
  • Set up/review the communication tools that your participants will use through the  learning activities. Decide how you will facilitate using those tools throughout the week. The key questions are:  How can you best support your learners to achieve the intended learning outcomes about your topic? How can you be "present" and encourage participation in the activities?

  • Plan for a strong, clear start to your mini-session. Post a clear, concise launch message in the week's forum by Sunday evening or Monday morning to provide participants with directions on the 'what, why, when, how and where' in your activity instructions, schedule, and communication avenues.
  • Discuss with your team how will you wrap up the activity. Think of a way to help participants synthesize their learning and come up with a 'take home' message.

Note:  Please refrain from organizing participants into teams during your mini-sessions.  FLO is already time intensive given the weekly team facilitation practice activity, as well as ongoing participant learning activities. Participants also need opportunities to learn from the whole class community.  Week 4: Collaboration is the only weekly mini-session that is asked to form teams, because of the clear alignment with the topic and learning activity plan.  

During your Mini-Session
  • Post your launch message in the weekly forum for your activity.
  • Monitor class participation and learning progress during the week in relation to due dates (days). Reach out to participants who are absent or lagging. (Hint: You can use the message feature in this course site to reach out to individuals.)
  • Allow space for quiet reflection and discussion, but post prompts / clarifying questions to help participants think critically and creatively about the week's topic and stay on time, when indicated.  
  • Respond to questions/confusions as quickly as possible. 
  • Be flexible - your participants may encounter unexpected challenges. Find ways to accommodate if possible but keep the session moving along.
  • Communicate any changes clearly; ensure all participants are informed.
  • Don't hesitate to contact your FLO facilitator that is supporting you during your week if you wish. We're here to help! We may also reach out to you privately in your planning forum with prompting questions to consider as things unfold.

After your Mini-Session
  • Encourage participants to provide feedback to your facilitation team by the weekend. 
  • Review the feedback from your participants. Remember, feedback is the one of the best avenues to help us improve our skills. You don’t have to agree with it or change your behaviour; however, it's important to consider it seriously. If, the feedback feels difficult, take a breath and reflect before you respond.
  • Complete your FLIF (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback) reflection using the tool for it in the Hub
  • Your assigned FLO facilitator will review and respond in the FLIF itself (by using the Comment feature)
  • Celebrate! Your mini-session is done!
Last modified: Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 1:13 PM