Responsive Facilitation - Activity Plan

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify potential facilitation responses to address the concerns of learners expressed during a mid-point course evaluation
  • Recommend a range of facilitation practices to support student engagement and success online


The focus this week is on a case example of students’ dissatisfaction with a course taught by an instructor new to online teaching (the case study is located in Week 3). Given data from the mid-point course evaluation and some commentary from the instructor, you are asked to guide an exploration of potential strategies or techniques that the instructor could implement to improve student learning. Your team focus should be on responsive facilitation options, although some of the issues may be related to course design. 

Activity 1 - Introduce your team, topic and activity schedule

In the first part of this activity, you should create a "launch post" in the Responsive Facilitation forum that will provide some foundation for the topic to the participants. Create a clear outline of the topic that integrates the given learning outcomes. In your activity schedule, provide target due dates for each activity to help participants stay on track and on time.

We recommend you use the pre-designed activities to maintain your focus on practicing facilitation skills vs. digressing into design tasks. However, if it helps illuminate your topic, you may choose to personalize your mini-session with a brief intro activity/icebreaker to 'set the scene'. Hint: Keep that 'thing' time-manageable for your participants. 

Activity 2 - Direct participants to read and analyze the case

You should pre-populate two discussion threads in the forum with the following questions and facilitate the discussion:

Thread 1:
  • Do you think the instructor has some general misconceptions about the online instructor role(s)? If so, describe and relate to the readings and/or any theories of learning you’ve encountered.
  • What do you think of this instructor's "presence" in the course so far? What might you suggest she change about her participation for the remainder of the course?
  • Do you agree with the instructor's assumptions about the ability of experienced online students to "just get on with it"? How might she guide or assist without being too "present"?
Thread 2:
  • Do you have any personal experiences you’d like to share that are similar to this case? If so, how/was the situation resolved?
  • Can you find at least one blog post (or other online resource) that has useful strategies or insights to apply to this situation? Explain the strategies you used to find these resources. Feel free to share the resources and critique them as required.

Activity 3 - Ask participants to give their advice to the instructor

The third part of this activity is to ask participants to come up with - in the Google docs provided - their advice to the instructor from two different perspectives:

  1. How would you suggest the instructor could respond to the mid-point feedback from students - before the course is complete? Access Google Doc here.
  2. What could the instructor do to prepare for a better teaching experience (and learning experience for students) during the next online course? Access Google doc here

Note: For both activities 2 and 3 we'd like to encourage you to leave it flexible for the participants to contribute in whichever discussion forum thread or Google doc they'd like to - either one or both.

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