Reflective Practice - Activity Plan

Learning Outcomes
  • Critically reflect on feedback and course experiences to self-evaluate work and learning
  • Identify potential future applications of learning to practice

    The focus for this week is on developing our reflective practice as online facilitators. Through a "metaphorical mirror" exercise, your team members will both share your own reflections on your teaching practice (and possible upcoming changes that you will make to it as a result of taking this course) and support/facilitate the rest of the group through doing their own reflections.

    Note that, since this is the last week of the course, the FLO Facilitators will be participating in your activity (unlike all the previous activities facilitated by participants in which FLO Facilitators did not participate) and also will be sharing their own reflections. Still, YOU are the team facilitating. wink

    Activity 1 - Introduce your team, topic and activity schedule

    In the first part of this activity you should create a "launch post" in the Reflective Practice forum that will provide some foundation for the topic to the participants. Create a clear outline of the topic that integrates the given learning outcomes. In your activity schedule provide target due dates for each activity to help participants stay on track and on time.

    We recommend you use the pre-designed activities to maintain your focus on practicing facilitation skills vs. digressing into design tasks. However, if it helps illuminate your topic, you may choose to personalize your mini-session with a brief intro activity/icebreaker to 'set the scene'. Hint: Keep that 'thing' time-manageable for your participants. 

    Activity 2 - Direct participants to the "metaphorical mirror" exercise

    Over the first part of the week, direct participants to the reading on the "metaphorical mirror" exercise (it's on the Read and View page of the Overview book for this unit) and share your own previously-developed metaphors via any means you'd like (video, audio, image, concept map, etc.) as per the description of the exercise on p. 506 of the article. Give clear instructions to participants about developing and sharing their own metaphors with the rest of the class - using any media they would like - and commenting on each others' metaphors. You may wish to ask the participants to think about if/how their metaphors may have changed as a result of taking this course. It would be a good idea to advise them to review their own (and perhaps others') posts in the Weekly Journal Share Forum over the last several weeks in order to prepare for this activity.

    Activity 3 - Encourage final reflections

    Over the last part of the week, encourage final reflections from participants in terms of thinking about their teaching practice and how this course may have or will impact their practice in the future. Refer to or choose from the questions on p. 507 of the article to guide this discussion.

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