Introductory Assignment Using Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Are you ready for conflict analysis and management practice?

To mark the beginning of your learning journey in the MACAM program, you will compile a short clip using Mozilla Popcorn Maker. (2016 Note:  this tool is being phased out, however there are other tools that can be used to similar effect)

In addition to introducing yourself to your fellow students and instructor, the objective of the clip is to demonstrate your understanding of conflict analysis and management practice and your readiness for engaging in the MACAM program.

This assignment will be graded like any other assignment for the course or program, following the grading matrix provided. The 3-5 minute clip should be brief, concise, and analytical, demonstrating your reflection on the program, readings, and core themes outlined below. Please include references to readings/concepts throughout all sections as applicable.

When you start your Popcorn Maker project, make sure to create your own persona, so you can save and share the project with others.


  • Please include your name and hometown/place of residence

Personal background

  • What is your motivation for enrolling in the MACAM program?
  • Do you have any previous CM related knowledge and training?
  • What are your expectations for the program?

Definition of conflict

  • What is conflict? What does it represent? What can be done about conflict?
  • What makes conflict interesting and valuable?
  • What makes conflict destructive and detestable?

Conflict example

  • What is a typical example for conflict that you encounter in your private or professional life?
  • What happens and what it is about? Who is involved? Why is it relevant to you?
  • What would you like to (or what are you going to) do about it? What would make a difference in this conflict?

Conclusion and outlook

  • Please include your expectations for the residency and this course in particular

Length: 3 – 5 minute clip.

Graded: worth 20% of course grade.

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