Student Video Assignments

These are some of the resulting student assignments from the Introductory Assignment Using Mozilla Popcorn Maker.

Maggie LaBerge

Maggie's assignment uses Mozilla Popcorn.

Clip from Maggie's video

Corwin Odland

Corwin's assignment uses PowToon

Fall 2011 - Class Food System Video

Fall 2012 - Video message to future cohorts

Fall 2012 cohort - Final presentation to RRU: Food Sustainability


Both online and face to face participants took part in an activity, using Etherpad, a collaborative editing software, to formulate ideas and ways in which learning communities can be fostered and enhanced in courses, programs, and schools. Their Etherpad, with all of the suggestions and ideas is also available to view online.

Further reading is available here: Learning Communities Readings & Resources (Libguides)

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