First time in Collaborate?

  • You need a headset with mic to ensure a good experience participating in an interactive Collaborate session (you will definitely need one later, to effectively moderate a session). These can be purchased for as little as $20-25 at places like London Drugs, Future Shop, The Source, Walmart, etc. Look for one with "noise cancelling" capability.
  • Go to the First Users Page. Collaborate will automatically check your setup. (You may need to install a new version of Java; just follow the prompts. This process can take a few minutes).
  • Join the Configuration Room. Here you can test your connection and configure your audio. This room gives you a chance to confirm that your connection and audio are working properly before entering your meeting. This will take approximately 5 minutes.

Before joining the session:

  • Run the First Time Users/System Check before you log in (this cannot be overemphasized).
  • Login 15 minutes BEFORE the start time of your session to test your audio setup.

Access Classwide Session

Blackboard Collaborate icon Participant Join Link {add Collaborate participant link}

Blackboard Collaborate icon General Moderator Link {add Collaborate moderator link}

  • This is a generic moderator link for students to use if/when they need moderator access (e.g., a team meeting and you need to upload a PowerPoint). Don't use this link for normal class sessions facilitated by your instructor.
  • See Collaborate Essentials for Moderators for more information.

Use the sign-up sheet to schedule your team meeting times. (optional depending on course requirement)

Session Recordings Link icon Session Recordings Link {add Collaborate recordings link}

Need Help?

Visit Blackboard Collaborate Support.

Last modified: Friday, 25 January 2013, 1:54 PM