Activity 5: Presentation Skills (Collaborate Live)

Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that gives us a chance to connect in real-time.

This session will be facilitated by {Dr. Jo Axe}.

To participate in Collaborate web conferencing, you need:

  • internet connection
  • link to the Collaborate "room"{add Collaborate participant link} (it's also on the main page of the Bridge and in the course schedule)
  • headset with built-in mic is preferred, but any speakers and microphone will work (if you don't have a mic, you can use the text chat to communicate). Web cam optional.

Well before your first Collaborate session, run the First Time Users/System Check - it will ensure your system is set up appropriately for using Collaborate

Participant Training Materials and recordings are available so you can learn more about the features and what it's like to be in Collaborate

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